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Shirley’s, MP United bag wins in women’s soccer

Shirley’s Football Club and MP United Football Club both bagged a win in Week 7 of the Flores-Péé Luwal Division of the 2023 Spring Dove Women’s League at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville last Sunday.

Shirely’s won 5-1 over Paire FC, while MPU FC snagged a goal for their 1-0 win against Southern United FC.

Jeraldine Castillo was the lone ranger as she took it upon herself to score all of Shirley’s goals with a barrage of goals in the second half.

Paire didn’t even score a goal for themselves but it was Shirley’s who made their own goal towards the end of the match. It didn’t matter as Paire could not catch up and the time expired.

MP United’s Jove Taman found the back of the net in the 21st minute as SUFC failed to retaliate and lost.

In the first game of the afternoon, Tan Holdings and Matansa ended the game in a scoreless draw.

Shirley’s and SUFC are tied on top of the standings with four wins, one draw, and one loss each. Kanoa has four wins and two losses; MPU FC has three wins, two draws, and one loss; Paire FC has two wins and four losses; while Tan Holdings and Matansa both have no wins, two draws, and four losses.

MSL 1 Tan Holdings 3, Paire 0 Tan Holdings held off Paire FC, 3-0 in Marianas Soccer League 1 last Sunday. After a quiet first half, Ronnel Ocanada broke the silence with a goal in the 35th minute. Paire was still finding their footing while Andon Eman made it 2-0 in the 56th minute. The third goal came in the 86th minute by Anthony Bergancia as Paire went home without a score on the board.

Kanoa 5, Eleven Tiger 0 Kanoa FC blanked Eleven Tiger 5-0 in the second MSL 1 game of the day. Twenty minutes elapsed and still no goals were made, but Markus Toves finally snagged the net in the 21st minute. Sebastien Manabat then made two goals with additional goals from Ian Maniago and Paul Lizama. Eleven Tiger had no fight left as the game ended.

MSL 2 MPU FC 6, Hana FC 1 In the first MSL 1 game, MPU FC had a lopsided victory over Hana FC, 6-1. From the get-go, MPU FC had the upper hand as they scored just a minute into the game made by Jireh Yobech. Cody Shimizu followed suit in the fifth minute, then Hana finally made their goal in the 20th. However, they could not get any more goals as MPU FC denied each attempt. Yobech and Shimizu made two more goals while Chris Aninzo and Casey Chambers made a goal each.

Old B Bank 2, Women’s Development Team 1 Old B Bank put one more goal over the Women’s Development Team to win, 2-1 in the Marianas Soccer League 2 also played last Sunday. Both goals were made by Jersh Angeles in the 26th and 75th minute. Jannah Casarino scored the lone goal for WDT in the 61st minute. Shirley’s FC 1 6, Shirley’s FC 2 1 Shirley’s 1 defeated sister team 2, 6-1. Sernante Jimenez and Fradel Sedillo scored two goals each while Taba Seth and Dhiraj Chhetri scored one each. The lone goal from team 2 was made by Christian Buno in the 60th minute.

Chang Bai Hu 5, MPU FC 0 Chang Bai Hu shut down MPU FC 5-0. Zhiong Zhe Lin completed the three goal hat-trick, while Richeng Xian and Ensan Cui contributed one each. Results of the youth league will be posted in the next issues of Saipan Tribune.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Apr 20 2023


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