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AFC Women's Football Day/Women's History Month

March 27, 2022, NMI Soccer Training Center

In line with Women's History Month, NMIFA took part in Asian Football Confederation’s Women's Football Day - a day that is celebrated yearly by countries all over Asia to honor the impact and contribution of women in the football world!

During the celebration, NMIFA presented the rebranding of the Dove Women's League divisions to the soccer community:

- Simiya-Faayúl as the Novice Division

- Flores-Péú luwal as the Intermediate Division

- Tinekcha-Awaal as the Premier Division

Since our overall focus for our Women’s league is growth and development, our theme is: "Plant the seeds, watch the flowers, harvest the fruits.” In the vernacular: “Tanom I simiya, adahi I flores, kosecha I tinekcha.” Or, “Fitagháli faayúl, uwa amwuri péé luwal, bwe sibwe ghili awaal.”

Check out these photos from last week's beautiful celebration!!

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