The Northern Marianas Islands Football Association (NMIFA) was established on August 2005 in the Commonweatlh of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Prior to the  formation of NMIFA, “association football” did not exist in the CNMI.
Prior to the NMIFA, football was loosely played by about 100 youth and men. The football interest was apparent, but it lacked organization and exposure to the rest of the world. The NMIFA sought to build on that interest in hopes that football would grow exponentially in the CNMI.
To further develop at an international level, the NMIFA sought membership with the East Asian Football Federation (EAFF) and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).
The NMIFA was admitted into the EAFF in 2007 as an Associate Member and received full membership in September 2008.
In July 2009, the NMIFA was also admitted as an Associate Member of the AFC. After years of
active participation as an Associate Member, the
NMIFA was admitted as an Ordinary Member in
December 2020.
The NMIFA continues to actively participate with EAFF and AFC, and has sent representative National Teams to several EAFF and AFC sanctioned competitions.