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Dove Women's League

The Dove Women’s League occurs twice annually, the spring and fall seasons. It is divided into three (3) divisions: Simiya/Faayúl, Flores/ Péé luwal, and Tinekcha/Awaal. The division names are based on the league;s theme “Tanom I Simiya, Adahi I Flores, Kosecha I Tinekcha” in Chamorro language and ” Fitagháli faayùl, uwa amwuri péé luwal, bwe sibwe ghili awaal,” in Carolinian, which translates to “Plant the seeds, Watch the flowers, Harvest the fruits.”


Simiya/Faayúl is the division designated for any woman who is new to the sport or just wants to participate in regular physical activity. Flores/ Péé luwal is the division for women who have knowledge about the sport and have technical experience. Tinekcha/Awaal is the division for current national team pool and others who have been a part of the national team or have had participated in collegiate or high-level competition on or off island.

Simiya-Faayúl League

Flores-Péé Luwal

Tinekcha-Awaal League

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