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NMIFA would like to congratulate the 6 coaches who completed the NMIFA 'D' License Coaching Course Fall 2021 Season. The course was held at the NMI Soccer Training Center last September 4 and 8 with course instructors Jershwin Angeles, Angie Ito, and Head Coach and Technical Director Michiteru Mita.

The course aims to train coaches to properly organize and conduct basic training sessions for youth players, particularly for those in the Under 12 age groups. Coaches participated in indoor theory sessions and outdoor practical sessions. Additionally, the course included a practical exam where participants conducted training sessions for the under 15 national training pool.

Course instructors proudly handed the participants their 'D' License Coaching Certificate last Saturday, October 2, 2021, in front of the soccer community during the NMIFA Fall Youth League Season.

NMIFA would like to congratulate its first ever batch of NMIFA 'C' License Coaches! The 9 coaches were handed their certificates last Thursday, April 08, 2021 at the NMISTC by course instructors Jershwin Angeles, Mae Ito, and Technical Director and Head Coach Michiteru Mita.

Coach Mita shares that this was NMIFA's first licensing course and that the course contents were tailor-made to cater to NMI football and its environment. "I believe that through this course, all the coaches gained the necessary skills to organize, direct, and conduct basic practice sessions at the club level and are able to guide players to learn the fundamentals of football," he added.

The NMIFA would like to especially thank the clubs for their support in encouraging their coaches to take part in the course. Together we can shape the future!

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