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NMI loses to China, 0-23

THE NMI U15 Men’s National Soccer Team lost their fourth and final game, 0-23, to China in the Men’s U15 Championship of the East Asian Football Federation in Qingdao, China.

But the NMI player gained much-needed experience and learned a lot from the strong competition they faced in the tournament, their head coach Michiteru Mita said.

“In the first and second games, we were able to compete well despite playing in very hot weather and facing strong opponents. Against Macau, we scored two goals and that was the best performance of our team in this tournament,” Mita said.

The NMI lost to Mongolia, 0-4 on Friday, Sept. 1, and to Macau, 2-5, on Saturday, Sept. 2. They were completely outplayed by Korea Republic 0-23, on Sunday, Sept. 3, and by the host nation, China, 0-23, on Monday, Sept. 4.

“Playing for four straight days with each game lasting 90 minutes was very challenging for our team,” Mita said. “Some players started to get sick because of fatigue, but they did their best to recover and to be ready for the next game. The boys fought all the way to the end against an extremely challenging environment.”

Despite a winless record, the players gained valuable experience, their coach reiterated. “Our players learned a lot from this competition, on and off the pitch. They understand that they have to keep their pride and play their best when they go out there as a national player representing the NMI. They need to keep their passion for football, keep the ‘never give up’ spirit, and learn to adapt to situations. This is a different standard of football, and they know they need to improve more and work harder.”

Published by Saipan Tribune - September 8, 2023


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