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Kanoa 2 outlasts Tan Holdings to clinch U16 Boys summer title

KANOA Football Club 2 won the U16 Boys Division championship of the 2022 Youth Summer Cup after edging the Tan Holdings Football Club, 3-2, on Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

It was a true title match as both teams gave it their all.

As soon as the ball dropped, KNFC 2 set the tone with constant offensive pressure that created several opening and shot opportunities. After just three minutes of play, their efforts were rewarded when Leland Deleon Guerrero scored. The team continued to ride the momentum as Maximus Taitano followed up with a quick shot to extend their lead, 2-0.

THFC reassessed their strategy and with better communication on defense, they eventually turned each successful stop into an offensive opportunity, finally finding the back of the net at the 8th minute mark thanks to Mark Costales to reduce the gap, 1-2.

KNFC 2 did their best to hold their ground as no goals were scored for nearly the remainder of the half. However, at the 19th minute mark, THFC capitalized on the transition play led by Anthony Bergancia who connected the shot to even the score, 2-2.

During the second half of the match, both teams attempted several shots to no avail. At the 34th minute mark, KNFC 2 decided to go for a Hail-Mary play with their goalkeeper chucking the ball across the field to an unguarded Paul Lizama who delivered with less than 10 minutes left on the clock.

THFC still had a chance to equalize but they failed to work as a team as their players looked for solo highlights with no results.

KNFC 2 won, 3-2.

Third place

In the battle for third place, Kanoa FC 1 outscored the Matansa Football Club 1, 5-2.

Damien Concepcion almost single-handedly carried KNFC 1 to victory by scoring four consecutive goals — two in the first half and the other two in the second half. Team mate Aldric Antonio, for his part, scored at the 15th minute mark of the first half

Published by Marianas Variety - Aug 17, 2022


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