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Shirley’s are Premier League champs

Shirley’s Football Club cooked up something special this season as they put up the most goals and won the title of the Tinekcha-Awaal (Premier Division) Spring 2024 Dove Women’s League.

In their final game last Sunday, they tied it up, 2-2 against Kanoa FC to grab first place by a total of 32 goals all season.

Kanoa had the second spot with 29 goals in the season, while MP United was third with 19 goals.

In the standings, Shirley’s and Kanoa had an equal 6-1-1 record, while MP United was at 5-0-3.

Shirley’s had the advantage early after a goal ripped past Kanoa’s keeper in the 14th minute by Jeraldine Castillo. Kanoa struggled to keep up on the pitch as Shirley’s looked to strike a second time.

Jannah Casarino then made it happen just four minutes later and it was Shirley’s 2, Kanoa nil. Kanoa didn’t retaliate until Irish Pagarao found an opening later in the game to make it 1-2, but at this point, it seemed like Shirley’s would’ve gotten away with the W.

However, Pagarao said it isn’t over until it’s over and scored the clutch game-tying goal and eventually ended the match on a 2-2 tie as Shirley’s could not find the back of the net in the second half. Despite the draw, Shirley’s still scored the most goals in the season and walked away with the title.

With Jeraldine and Casarino in the Shirley’s team were Mikayla Lopez, Dianne Pablo, Mae Ito, Jeralyn Castillo, Jhaza Mirano, Gabrielle Race, Rizza Relucio, Toremy Baek, Raven Anderson, Bernadette Horey, Angelika Narvaez, Erish Carreon, Jermaine Gison, Lillian Podziewski, Marielle Lopez, Werlly Breakenridge, and Angel Calage.

Casarino won the Golden Boot Award with her 16 goals in the season, while keeper Toremy Baek won the Golden Glove Award.

In the other game that day, Paire forfeited against MP United after MPU put up three goals.

Published by Saipan Tribune - May 9, 2024


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