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SIS leads HS girls soccer with Chavez’s goals

The Lady Geckos—with leading scorer Andrei Kaithlyn Chavez—currently lead the girls high school 2023 NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League as they won two games in a row at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

Their first win came in the season opener last Tuesday against Marianas High School in a close 6-4 match, while they came off with the win against Saipan Southern High School last Thursday, 1-0.

CNMI women’s national soccer team pool player and Saipan International School student-athlete Andrei Kaithlyn Chavez was an unstoppable force on the field as she scored all of her team’s goals in both games.

With about four CNMI women’s national soccer team pool players in the Dolphins’ roster, Chavez and the Lady Geckos had their work cut out for them in their first match of the season.

But, Chavez and her merry crew of Geckos played with a level of intensity and focus that the opposition could not match or catch up to.

It didn’t take long for Chavez to find an opening and weakness in the Dolphin’s defenses as she scored the first goal in the 12th minute after the Dolphin’s Tamia Kileleman-Hix drew first blood in the fourth minute.

From there, Chavez completed the hat-trick in the 30th minute before the Dolphins could put another goal on the board for a 3-1 game. Finally, the Dolphins’ Rizza Relucio scored in the 34th and 39th minute for a 3-3 tie.

Chavez was well defended but even so, found gaps and with her speedy footwork, found the back of the net again in the 42nd minute to put the Geckos up by 1, 4-3. The Dolphins’ Alyssa Angeles tied it up once again in the 44th minute, but another slick move by Chavez gave them back the advantage, 5-4.

The Dolphins could not find the net anymore as Chavez made her sixth one in the 47th minute.

In their game against the Lady Manta Rays, Chavez made the first and only goal in the 15th minute, for a 1-0 final score.

In the team with Chavez are Aubrey and Audrey Castro, Julie Chavez, Serin Chung, Erky Clavin, Mimi Culp, Steph Kim, Parveen Ming, Libbie Tom, and Claire Park.

The final rounds are scheduled to start this Thursday, April 27, with the championships next Tuesday, May 2, at 4pm then at 5:30pm.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Apr 24 2023


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