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Shirley's, Chang Bai Hu triumph in Hafa Adai Fun Cup

SHIRLEY'S Football Club and Chang Bai Hu defeated their respective opponents Sunday in the 2021 Hafa Adai Fun Cup tournament at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Shirley's had the tougher match of the day but managed to outlast Bangladesh Youth 2-1.

The action started as soon as the ball dropped with both teams exchanging a shot opportunities.

However, it was Shirley's that turned momentum into an offensive strike as Lalaine Pagarao found her rhythm, slithering her past defenders and scoring the game’s the first goal at the 13th minute mark for a 1-0 lead.

As the first half progressed, Bangladesh Youth seemed to have no answer. But during the last few minutes of play, the team's efforts paid off as Md. Mahbubur Rahman seized possession and found the back of the net at to even the score 1-1.

The game went on with neither team able to gain the upper hand for most of the second half.

But starting at the 68th minute mark, Shirley’s started to play more aggressively and lob passes were used to get over the Bangladesh Youth defenders. Shirley’s Ho Jin Woo saw an opening and scored the game-winning goal.

Chang Bai Hu vs NMI WNT

Chang Bai Hu, for their part, overpowered the NMI Women's National Team 7-2.

Chang Bai Hu established control right from the start with four of their goals delivered under 20 minutes.

Xu Zheng was the first to draw blood two minutes into the game while Ming Xu followed up with a hat-trick, sinking three consecutive goals at the 4th, 13th and 17th minute marks for a comfortable 4-0 spread.

NMI WNT did break the silence with a goal at the 23rd minute mark courtesy of Pia Ngewakl, but this was quickly answered by Ming Xu's fourth goal of the day.

More of the same was seen during the second half as Ri Xian joined the Chang Bai Hu onslaught with two goals at the 56th and 62nd minute marks followed by Ming Xu's 5th goal at the 66th minute mark to further widen the deficit.

NMI WNT did not go down without a fight as they slipped in another goal at the 70th minute mark by Jannah Casarino. But Chang Bai Hu still won, 7-2.

Published by Marianas Variety - Dec 10, 2021


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