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Shirley's beats Bangladesh in soccer match

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

THE NMI Football Association's Marianas Soccer League Fall 2021 kicked off Sunday, Oct. 17, with Shirley's Football Club defeating the Bangladesh Football Club 2-0 in the Hafa Adai Fun Cup at the NMI Soccer Training.

Shirley's displayed balanced work throughout both halves. In the opening half, it was a fairly even battle between both teams with neither able to gain the upper hand. Several exchanges were made which kept spectators on their toes.

After over 20 minutes of play, Shirley’s found Jack Phan open for the finish. He sank the first goal of the day to give his team the lead.

In the second half, BFC tightened their defense and denied several of Shirley’s shot attempts. However, BFC were unable to score.

Toward the end of the match, Shirley’s HoJin Woo found the back of the net to seal Shirley’s victory, 2-0.

The One vs Chang Bai Hu

Sharing the celebration was The One Football Club which outplayed Chang Bai Hu 3-1.

The action started early for both teams but it was The One that had a dominant performance as they connected the opening goal at the very first minute of the game thanks to Zhipeng Lin.

Chang Bai Hu retaliated six minutes courtesy of Ming Xu but the deadlock lasted for a brief moment only as The One answered back with two more goals delivered by Scott Kim and Don Cabrera to gain a two-point lead.

Both teams stepped up their performance in the second half but neither could score, allowing The One to claim victory, 3-1.

Published by Marinas Variety - Oct 28, 2021


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