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Saipan United edge The One to win soccer title

SAIPAN United bested The One, 2-1, thanks to a late-game goal to claim the Hafa Adai Fun Cup title Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

The action started with The One establishing control just two minutes into the game after Zhipeng Lin scored his team’s first goal.

However, Saipan United replied six minutes later with Lillian Muldoon finding the back of the net to even the score 1-1.

Both teams fought hard in the remainder of the first half with back and forth action, but neither could score.

The second half remained fairly even with Saipan United and The One delivering a handful of close calls.

Saipan United eventually caught a break thanks to Kuu Nishimura who sank what turned out to be the game-winning shot.

The One tried to equalize, but Saipan United kept their defensive line tight to withstand any incoming attack en route to bagging the win and the title, 2-1.

Chang Bai Hu vs Shirley's

In the battle for third place, Chang Bai Hu shot down Shirley's Football Club 7-4.

It was a high-scoring first half for Chang Bai Hu with Ming Xu as the star of the game. He delivered the opening goal at the 3rd minute mark, and followed it with two more goals.

Team mate Xin Jin then contributed a goal before Shirley’s Lalaine Pagarao finally broke her team’s silence.

But Chang Bai Hu’s lead only grew larger as Xu continued his onslaught, scoring at the 47th and 55th minute marks while team mate Xiong Li added another goal at the 49th minute mark to give his team a 7-1 advantage.

Late in the second half, Shirley’s unleashed a flurry of goals. Rusty Vergara ignited the run at the 66th minute mark followed by Pagarao's second goal at the 73rd minute mark. Team mate Jack Phan then joined the scoring spree, but it was a bit too late. Time ran out and Chang Bai Hu emerged victorious, 7-4.

Published by Marianas Variety - Dec 17, 2021


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