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Paire FC leads U12 soccer league

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

PAIRE Football Club is the top team in the U12 competitive division of the Youth League Fall 2021tournament after earning their second consecutive win by blanking Kanoa Football Club 1, 4-0, Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Paire were in control from start to finish, thanks to their aggressive approach.

After five minutes of continuous pressure, Paire’s Jazzroy Villagomez broke through Kanoa's line of defense to find the back of the net and hand his team the lead.

Kanoa adjusted by tightening their defense but Paire scored again at the 23rd minute mark courtesy of Jayten Villagomez.

In the second half, Paire remained vigilant and repeatedly turned defense into offense. After some back-and-forth action, Beatrice Gross connected Paire’s third goal of the day at the 46th minute mark.

Kanoa failed to put out Paire’s flames as they struck once again with Rodney Tomei giving Paire a comfortable 4-0 spread en route to victory.

MP United 1 vs TanHoldings

MP United 1 earned their first victory of the season by outplaying TanHoldings Football Club 3-1.

It was a slow first half but MPU 1 eventually established control with Moshe Sikkel scoring his team’s first goal.

In the second half, MPU 1 picked up the pace with two more goals delivered by Taiga Namai-Scoggins.

But THFC continued to put up a fight and were finally rewarded at the 42nd minute mark when Kian Estolas scored a goal.

It was, however, not enough to prevent an MPU 1 victory.

MP United 2 vs Kanoa FC 2

Against Kanoa FC 2, MP United 2 was relentless.

MPU 2's skills were simply unmatched as they notched five goals during the first half alone.

MPU 2’s Woong Yeom stole the spotlight with a hat-trick, sinking three goals while team-mates Quido Jambor and Aiden Camacho added the other two.

In the second half, MPU 2’s Seo Yeom took over, scoring all four goals as MPU 2 routed Kanoa FC 2, 9-0.

Published by Marianas Variety - Oct 7, 2021


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