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NMIFA celebrates AFC Grassroots Football Day

The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association celebrated AFC Grassroots Football Day last Saturday at the Northern Marianas Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

The event was aimed at bolstering the CNMI’s grassroots program and to join the Asian Football Confederation in its quest to continue pushing for the development of the sport among the young generation in the region.

They also had sessions with students at the Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School and Garapan Elementary School.

A total of 143 GTC students from first to third grade, 217 GES students, along with teachers and teacher aides, 130 8U and 10U club players, 30 club coaches, and 20 National Team players joined the celebration.

Six football clubs—Kanoa FC, Tan Holdings FC, Shirley’s FC, Southern United FC, and Matansa FC—participated in the event.

The activities involved four stations—three drills and one small-sided game for PSS students and six stations—and three drills as well as three types of small-sided games for clubs and players rotating after 8-10 minutes.

Jershwin Angeles, NMIFA coach, said of the event that it was “to celebrate the AFC Grassroots Football Day together with the NMI football family. [It was] a week-long celebration of the event by conducting different grassroots activities to increase the popularity of soccer on the island.”

“[It was also the] first time to include public schools (GES and GTC) since both are the only schools that participated in this year’s PE Support Program,” he said.

Asian Football Confederation’s Grassroots Football Day marked its 10th celebration last May 15. Since 2013, the reach of the event has seen a threefold increase with the 2023 edition celebrated by 39 member associations and by almost 28,000 participants.

Published by Saipan Tribune - May 25 2023


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