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NMI U18 tames Eleven Tiger

THE young and the restless players of the NMI U18 Team showed complete authority when they domesticated Eleven Tiger 14-0 Wednesday at the NMI Soccer Training Center. Three minutes into the game, NMI U18’s Dylan Mister drew first blood. Team mate Brian Lubao and Richard Steele also delivered goals to give their team a 3-0 lead. Another team mate, Reginald Pascual, took over the spotlight with a hat-trick, draining three consecutive goals at the 10th, 14th and 22nd minute marks. Four more goals were added later in the opening half as the NMI U18 Team enjoyed a commanding 10-0 spread. Eleven Tiger tried to get out of the gutter but to no avail. Meanwhile, the rest of the NMI U18 players joined their team’s scoring spree. Taka Borja relit the flame at the 46th minute mark followed by two more goals courtesy of Akira Kadokura. Steele then sored his second goal of the day to end Eleven Tiger’s misery, 14-0. Old B Bank Against Old B Bank on Sunday, Eleven Tiger won 5-4. Old B Bank seemed as if they had the win in the palm of their hands with all of their four goals made in the first half by Albert Bergancia. Eleven Tiger could deliver two goals only. However, in the second half, Eleven Tiger suddenly found their second wind. While keeping Old B Bank out of their end of the field, Eleven Tiger bounced back with three goals. Tanapon Unsa started the run by scoring at the 52nd minute mark followed by JC Paring before Unsa added one more goal as Eleven Tiger edged Old B Bank, 5-4.

Published by Marianas Variety - Nov 30, 2021


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