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MPU secures U12 boys title via shootout

MP United secured the U12 boys division title after beating Kanoa 1, 3-2, in a shootout during the finals of the TakeCare Youth Soccer League Spring 2024 last Saturday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

Both teams were evenly matched as they tried to assert their dominance over the other. Kanoa got to work early and Aldric Antonio slipped the first goal of the game in the fourth minute for an early lead.

MP United traversed the pitch and came up with nothing but air as Kanoa’s defenses denied them entry. The first half then came and went without any more damage from both sides. Later, MP United’s Beau Bauer tied it all up in the 32nd minute and it was a whole different matchup.

MP United and Kanoa tried to break the tie as time wound down, but to no avail as both teams’ defenses held steady. The match ended up being decided in a shootout after regulation.

Kanoa ended up shooting just one PK from John Paul Binghit, while MP United’s Quido Jambor and Mateo Angeles sealed the deal as they both made their goals.

In the awards ceremony after the finals, the Golden Boot Award went to Antonio with the most goals of the season.

MP United with Bauer, Jambor, and Angeles, were Guy Pudney, Kanoa Owens, Reide Benson, Takara Hatamata, Evan Poole, Antonio Heras, Isaiah Sablan, Damien Camacho, and Xavier Camacho.

In Kanoa’s team with Antonio and Binghit were Adrian Mercado, Benaiah Murphy, Eric Palacios Jr., Logan Propst, Michael Borja Jr., Taku Rogopes, Zion Ulloa, Xander Binghit, and Liam Sablan.

The TakeCare Youth Soccer League Spring 2024 season is now over, with the Fall 2024 season to start up later in the year.

Published by Saipan Tribune - May 16, 2024


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