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MPU bags 7th win to lead intermediate division

MP United Football Club remains the leading team in the Flores-Péé Luwal (Intermediate) Division of the Dove Women’s League after notching their seventh win by silencing the Paire Football Club, 2-0.

It was a tight match from start to finish, but it was MPU’s quick thinking and ability to deliver that gave them the upper hand.

The lead was claimed early in the opening half after MPU shifted momentum and caught PFC off guard, allowing Loriann Rabe to find the back of the net at the 5th minute mark.

PFC made up for the slip-up with proper defensive coverage, but remained scoreless.

In the second half, MPU applied constant pressure and were rewarded with Rabe’s second goal at the 32nd minute mark to extend their lead, 2-0.

PFC still had a lot of time to catch up, but they failed to keep the possession long enough to do so and had to settle for defeat, 0-2.

Other matches

The Southern United Football Club also collected their seventh win after edging the Tan Holdings Football Club, 1-0.

The deciding goal was scored at the 21st minute mark by SUFC’s Rosie Saralu.

Also climbing the ladder were the Kanoa Football Club which gathered their fifth win by blanking the Matansa Football Club, 3-0.

Diane Mallari had the solo highlight in the first half when she snuck a goal at the 14th minute mark while Aubrey White and Jane Malabanan delivered at the 51st and 58th minute marks, respectively.

Published by Marianas Variety - Jun 1, 2023


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