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MP United beats Shirley’s in women’s soccer

MP United Football Club earned their first victory in the Flores-Pee Luwal or Intermediate Division of the Dove Women’s League by defeating the top seed, Shirley’s Football Club, 2-0 Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

The first half was filled with back-and-forth action from both teams but neither could gain the upper hand.

In the second half, MPU’s relentless efforts finally paid off as its players managed to penetrate Shirley’s line of defense with smart ball movements, making use of the wide offense and long passes to find Moriah Sablan open for the finish.

The goal seemed to have sparked MPU’s momentum as they continued to apply pressure on Shirley’s, eventually breaking through once more with Breanna Copeland scoring at the 56th minute mark to secure the win, 2-0.

Paire 1 vs Southern United

Paire Football Club, for their part, drew against Southern United Football Club 1-1.

SUFC managed to set the tone early as they quickly went for the kill and found their mark with Haidee Manibusan drawing first blood.

PFC 1 adjusted well and tightened their defense.

After several exchanges, PFC 1 turned defense into offense and created a shot opportunity for Shawna Brennfleck who found the back of the net to even the score 1-1.

Both teams had a lot of time to snag the win but had to settle for a draw.

Other matches

Tan Holdings Football Club and Matansa Football Club likewise drew their games against PFC 2 and Kanoa FC, 1-1.

Published by Marianas Variety - Apr 13, 2022


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