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MHS 1 girls lead high school soccer league

MARIANAS High School 1 earned the top spot in the team standings and their third win in the high school girls division of the NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League by defeating Saipan Southern High School 2-0 Tuesday at the NMI Soccer Training Center. A battle to set the tempo, the first 15 minutes of the game was also highlighted by nail-biting close calls. MHS 1 eventually seized control with Tamia Kileleman-Hix scoring a goal at the 18th minute mark to give her team the lead 1-0. MHS 1 then kept the fuel burning and added another goal just three minutes later, thanks to Paulynn Joyce. In the second half, SSHS did their best to pull a comeback but they failed to break through the MHS 1 defense and had to settle for defeat, 0-2. KHS vs MHS 2 Kagman High School joined the winner’s circle and bagged their first of the season by overpowering MHS 2, 5-0. KHS’ Pia Ngewakl led the assault, scoring goals at the 6th, 7th and 14th minute marks to give her team control. With MHS 2 focused on protecting their turf, they did not have the time to cook up a plan to fire back and remained scoreless for the rest of the game. KHS, for their part, continued to push forward with Ngewakl scoring her fourth consecutive goal at the 45th minute mark while team mate Sheira Dela Rosa delivered the game’s final goal five minutes later to secure victory, 5-0.

Published by Marianas Variety - Apr 14, 2022


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