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Matansa, Paire defeat foes in U12 soccer

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

MATANSA Football Club and Paire Football Club won their games Saturday in the U12 division of the Youth League Fall Tournament at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Matansa collected their second win of the season by taking down Kanoa Football Club 2, 5-2.

Although Kanoa 2 drew first blood thanks to a quick shot by Izaiah Tenorio at the 5th minute mark, MFC managed to shut down Kanoa 2’s run with an all-out assault.

It was all in the footwork of MFC’s Anton Megino as he scored his team’s five goals in the first half of the game. MFC likewise worked well to protect their end of the turf. They also excelled in transition by turning defense into offense smoothly to find Megino for the finish.

Kanoa 2 tightened up their defensive line but MFC eventually regained momentum with Megino once again finding the back of the net four more times to give his team a 5-1 lead at the end of the halftime.

In the second half, Kanoa 2 played better defense but could only score one goal, courtesy of Rooney Gil, as MFC secured the win, 5-2.

Paire vs MP United 1

Paire Football Club remain in second place in the team standings after bagging their third victory by outplaying the top seed, MP United Football Club 1, 4-1.

In this match, PFC deployed a variety of skilled players who opened up several shot opportunities. After nine minutes of back-and-forth action, PFC’s Rodney Tomei broke the silence to hand his team the lead with Jayten Villagomez contributing the second goal at the 20th mark to extend the gap, 2-0.

MPU 1 retaliated at the 26th minute mark thanks to Moshe Sikkel, but they had to struggle for the remainder of the game while PFC's Jazzroy Villagomez and Tomei secured a 4-1 win with two more goals in the second half.

MP United 2 vs Kanoa 1

MP United 2 earned the third win of the day as they broke the tie for third place by edging Kanoa FC 1, 2-1.

It was a fairly even match as neither team could gain the edge for the first 20 minutes of the game. Kanoa 1’s Akoni Matsumoto scored a goal, but in the second half this was answered by MPU 2's Aiden Camacho with two goals to give his team a 2-1 victory.

Published by Marianas Variety - Oct 20, 2021


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