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Kanoa, Tan Holdings triumph in Division A soccer

THE Kanoa and Tan Holdings football clubs triumphed over their Division A adversaries in the Marianas Soccer League Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

Kanoa beat Paire Football Club 3-1.

It was a tough match as the first 20 minutes of the game was filled with back-and-forth action as neither team was able to grasp the upper hand.

But at the 23rd minute mark, Kanoa used speed and precision passes to create several shot opportunities that eventually found Andruw Omelau deep within enemy territory, allowing him to score and give his team the lead, 1-0.

Three minutes later, the ball found the back of the net once again, this time with Paire accidentally scoring in their own goal as they tried to protect their end of the field.

In the second half Paire, down 0-2, started to gain confidence and saw more action on the offensive end. Their efforts were rewarded at the 50th minute mark thanks to Travis Spaeth’s goal.

But Paire was back to square one at the 79th minute mark after Kanoa’s Omelau connected his second shot of the day en route to victory, 3-1.

In other matches

The Tan Holdings Football Club edged the U17 National Team, 1-0.

The only goal of the match was secured at the 6th minute mark of the first half by Tan Holdings’ Ronnel Ocanada. The rest of the game was focused on defense with Tan Holdings successfully protecting their turf against U17 NT.

In Division B, the Chang Bai Hu Football Club and the WNT Development Team drew their match. WNT’s Jannah Casarino scored the first goal at the 12th minute mark, but Chang Bai Hu’s Weiping Chen replied at the 21st minute mark to equalize.

Published by Marianas Variety - Nov 1, 2022


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