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Kanoa FC wins soccer tournament

Kanoa Football Club collectively won the NMIFA-EAFF Youth Tournament 2022 in a soccer-crazed Saturday afternoon at the Northern Mariana Islands Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

Kanoa won first place with 300 points and bested six other youth soccer clubs.

Shirley’s Football Club won second place with 290 points; MP United Football Club won third place with 240 points; Southern United Football Club placed fourth with 180 points; Tan Holdings Football Club placed fifth with 170 points; Paire Football Club placed sixth with 150 points; and Matansa Football Club placed last with 120 points.

There were four divisions in the tournament, with Kanoa FC winning the U8 co-ed 5v5 division games against Paire FC, 5-4, Matansa FC, 5-0, but losing to Shirley’s FC, 1-2, in the championship match up. Kanoa collected 80 points and was ranked second to Shirley’s 100 points.

In the U10 co-ed 5v5 division games, Kanoa slipped past Tan Holdings FC, 6-5, blanked Shirley’s 3-0, and beat MPU FC, 3-2 in the championship match. Kanoa topped this division with 100 points.

For the U13 girls 5v5 division games, Kanoa silenced Tan Holdings, 3-0, but lost to Southern United FC, 3-5. In this division, the Kanoa girls placed fourth with 40 points.

In the U13 boys 8v8 division games, Kanoa overpowered Tan Holdings, 2-0, but was defeated by MPU, 1-3 in the championship match. The Kanoa boys placed second with 80 points behind MPU’s 100 points.

In other results that day in the U8 co-ed division, Shirley’s defeated MPU, 2-1; Tan Holdings routed Southern United, 3-2; and Shirley’s beat Tan Holdings, 4-1.

The other results of the U10 co-ed division were MPU defeated Matansa FC, 2-1; Shirley’s beat Paire, 2-1; and MPU blanked Southern United, 4-0.

The results of other games in the U13 girls division were Southern United overpowered MPU, 7-0; Shirley’s defeated Paire, 2-1; and Shirley’s beat Southern United, 3-2.

In the U13 boys division other results, Tan Holdings silenced Shirley’s, 1-0; MPU triumphed over Southern United, 3-0; Matansa won against Paire, 4-1; and MPU blanked Matansa, 2-0.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Dec 08 2022


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