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Kanoa FC sweeps opposition in 3 age groups

Kanoa Football Club U13 boys, U16 girls, and U16 boys lead their respective divisions after winning each of their games in the TakeCare Youth Soccer League Fall 2022 last Oct. 8 at the Northern Mariana Islands Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

The hat-trick of sorts came after Kanoa FC’s U13 boys team beat Shirley’s FC, 7-2, to improve its win-loss record to 2-0.

Kanoa FC’s U16 girls made it 2-2 for the day after they routed Shirley’s FC, 11-1, to go above .500 in the standings at 2-1.

The third Kanoa FC game saw its U16 boys remain unbeaten at 3-0 after blanking Matansa FC, 3-0,

U13 BOYS Kanoa FC 7, Shirley’s FC 2

The younger Kanoa boys dominated the field and made light work of the ball as they rumbled through the first half with four goals, the first of which was made just two minutes into the game by Maximus Taitano.

He was followed by teammate Jayson Tagabuel in the 10th minute to put Kanoa up 2-0. Taitano soon found the back of the net once again just eight minutes later for his second goal of the game, with Kanoa now up, 3-0.

Tahir Shakir added one more goal for Kanoa before Branson Santos Jr. from Shirley’s bagged their first goal, for a game of 4-1. One more goal was added by N.J, Pino of Shirley’s but it wasn’t enough as Kanoa wasn’t done attacking Shirley’s goalie, with Gil Rooney scoring two goals and Akoni Matsumoto scoring one for the final score of 7-2.

U16 GIRLS Kanoa FC 11, Shirley’s FC 1

In the U16 girls match, Kanoa also defeated Shirley’s, 11-1.

Shirley’s barely made a dent on Kanoa’s defenses as their only goal came in the last minutes of the second half, made by Alyssa Borlongan.

Meanwhile, Kanoa had already scored four goals in the first half, with seven shots coming in rapid fire succession in the second half. Audrey Castro of Kanoa completed the hat-trick of three goals—two in the first half and one in the second half. Deseha Mendiola and Beatrice Gross almost completed hat-trick themselves with two goals each.

U16 BOYS Kanoa FC 3, Matansa FC 0

The last game of the day and the last for Kanoa saw their U16 boys shut down Matansa, 3-0.

The first half came and went quietly as both teams couldn’t penetrate each other’s defenses, but Kanoa’s Christian Negara, Akoni Matsumoto, R.J. Manabat scored three successive goals which was enough to secure the win, 3-0, with Matansa unable to retaliate.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Oct 18 2022


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