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Kanoa FC, Southern United, Shirley’s notch wins in women’s soccer

Kanoa FC, Southern United, and Shirley’s, all won in Week 3 of the Flores-Péé Luwal Division of the Dove Women’s League last Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

The women in orange of the Kanoa FC have won all their games so far with their latest win against Paire FC, 4-1; Southern United had a lopsided win against Matansa, 5-0; and Shirley’s blanked Tan Holdings 3-0.

In the Kanoa-Paire battle in the afternoon, Kanoa dominated the field with swifter footwork as Jenny Lee bagged a goal in the 25th minute. Teammate Mary Kay Alferos followed her lead and dealt two blows to the net with an additional goal by another teammate.

Paire were not able to see the net swish in their favor until the 78th minute, but by then it was too late for a rally and fell, 4-1.

Southern United are second in the standings behind Kanoa with a two win and one draw card after their victory against Matansa.

SUFC’s Erin Frink was a wildfire on the pitch—zooming left and right to shoot and complete a hat-trick, first in the 20th minute, then in the 41st, and the third a couple minutes right after.

Matansa’s footing was not in play during the game as they could not get a grip of the ball long enough to shoot a goal.

After Kina Rangamar from SUFC and Rosie Saralu scored another goal each, Matansa were too outplayed to score a goal and fell, 5-0.

Shirley’s are also at a 2-1 card after their win against Tan Holdings. Shirley’s had an aggressive attack right from the get-go, with the first goal by Toremy Diaz just 11 minutes into the game.

Jeraldine Castillo assisted the team with a goal of her own in the 26th minute and Mikayla Lopez handed the third goal—all before the second half. Tan Holdings could not regain composure as they ended the game unable to put up a point on the scoreboard.

In the bottom of the standings are MP United FC with one draw and one loss; Matansa has a one-draw and two- loss record; and Tan Holdings has two losses.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Mar 10 2023


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