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Kanoa FC shuts down Paire in girls U16

Kanoa Football Club shut down Paire Football Club, 13-0, during the first week of matches of the TakeCare Youth Soccer League Fall 2022 at the Northern Marianas Soccer Training Center in Koblerville last Sept. 24.

Kaithlyn Chavez of Kanoa wasted no time as she scored the first goal just four minutes into the game. She gave no chances to Paire as she managed to score another just three minutes later.

Kanoa veered the ball left and right through the field to ensure Paire had no chance at scoring a goal. With the first half almost over, Kanoa had already scored five goals to Paire’s zilch.

Audrey Castro opened the second half with a fiery shot at the goal not once, but twice, which put up Kanoa 7-0. Vianca Mangulabnan followed her lead and scored a goal herself. Not long after, Chavez added another to her goals for three so far in the game.

Paire could not stand a chance against Kanoa’s defenders as each shot at the net was denied and they were not able to put up a goal-try as they might.

As Paire’s footing was loose throughout the game, Kanoa continued to rack up their goals as Beatrice Gross bagged two, Alejandra Manabat scored one, and Chavez scored one more for a total of four goals in the game.

With this win, Kanoa FC is up one win and Paire is down one loss.

Southern United FC 13, MP United FC 1

No. 13 turned out to be a lucky number for the day as the result for the second game of the day was 13-1 between Southern United Football Club and MP United FC.

Southern United’s Rizza Relucio drew first blood two minutes into the game. She scored a total of three goals in the game.

Teammate Summer Manahane collected four goals herself, while Pia Newakl duplicated her goals. Megan Elayda scored the other two goals in the game.

With this win, Southern United is at one win and MP United is at one loss.

Results of the ongoing TakeCare Youth Soccer League Fall 2022 U13 boys and girls competitive division and week two results for both the U16 and U13 divisions will be posted in the next editions of Saipan Tribune.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Oct 04 2022


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