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Kanoa boys and girls bag U16 soccer titles

KANOA Football Club celebrated twice as hard on Saturday as its boys and girls triumphed over their respective opponents in the U16 championship matches of the TakeCare Youth Soccer League at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

In the battle for the U16 boys division title, Kanoa edged MP United Football Club, 3-2.

Both teams were equally matched as they filled the first 10 minutes of the opening half with back-and-forth action and neither was able to grab the lead.

However, Kanoa’s constant pressure started to overwhelm MPU, eventually swarming the lanes and creating an opening for Markus Toves to give Kanoa the lead, 1-0.

MPU’s Isiah Hossain responded by finding the back of the net three minutes later.

But Kanoa’s Tyler Omelau scored to give his team the lead once again, 2-1.

Both teams continued the head-to-head battle until MPU’s defense turned a successful stop into an offensive play, allowing Cody Shimizu to strike and even the score once more, 2-2.

With only a few minutes left on the clock, Kanoa’s persistency paid off during a scuffle when Markus Toves fired at the right moment to connect the shot and give his team the lead for the third time, 3-2.

MPU still had a chance to fight back, but they failed to score again.

Girls division

In the U16 girls division, Kanoa barely broke a sweat as they shut down MP United, 5-0.

Kanoa established control early as they worked their way through the defensive line where Audrey Castro executed the highlight finish after just two minutes of play.

MPU tried to kill Kanoa’s momentum but failed to keep up, allowing a goal delivered by Kanoa’s Deseha Mendiola.

MPU still did not have an answer in the second half while Kanoa added three more goals: Kaithlyn Chavez at the 30th minute mark followed by Aubrey Castro three minutes later and Vianca Mangulabnan who added the icing on the cake at the 41st minute mark for a 5-0 victory.

The championship games concluded the 2022 Spring Season of the TakeCare Youth Soccer League.


U13 Girls Division

Southern United

Rosie Saralu with 30 goals

U13 Boys Division

MPU Pink

Taiga Namai-Scoggins with 15 goals

U16 Girls Division

Southern United

Pia Ngewakl with 25 goals

U16 Boys Division


Anthony Bergancia with 26 goals

Congratulations to the Fair Play winners for Spring 2022!

U13 Girls Division

Kanoa Team 1 - Aubrey White

U13 Boys Division

Shirley’s - Bennet Haro

Matansa - Anton Megino

U16 Girls Division

Southern United - Pia Ngewakl

U16 Boys Division

Paire - Cody Mettao

Published by Marianas Variety - May 19, 2022


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