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Jeremiah Diaz to play soccer for Park University

YET another local football player has joined the list of CNMI college-athletes in the states. Jeremiah Diaz said he has committed to play for the Park University Buccaneers in Gilbert, Arizona.

The 18-year-old Mount Carmel School student said he was intrigued by the university's soccer program which ultimately led him to join its team which plays in the California Pacific Conference of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

"The coach was very communicative and showed that he wanted me there,” Diaz said. “Although it's a fairly small school, I'm excited to pursue my major, or at least earn credits, while I am there.”

He noted that Park University, where he will study business management, has also signed up two other CNMI players, Kohtaro Goto and Dev Bachani.

“Having the chance to play with them was definitely one of the bigger reasons as to why I chose to commit to Park University,” Diaz said. “I know that having played with them for the CNMI will give us an advantage when we play for our new team. I've always enjoyed playing with them as a high school student-athlete, so why not continue that in college?”

Diaz is also looking forward to meet new players, but added that he has one mission, and that is winning.

“I'm looking forward to winning. I feel like that's the goal no matter where you go, and that's definitely the number one goal heading into Park University.”

Diaz at the same time expressed his appreciation to the Northern Mariana Islands Football Association for all the things it has done for local soccer players.

“Everyone is so supportive every single day. I honestly didn't think I had a chance at collegiate soccer if it wasn't especially for [NMIFA] Coach Mita, Kohtaro, and Auntie Cat (Mrs. Catherine Toves),” Diaz said. “The process includes the actual playing. So without the training, my teammates, coaches, competition experiences, and without the pitch in Kobler, I wouldn't be heading to where I am now. The NMI is small, but the NMIFA is no doubt growing really fast and pretty soon a lot more colleges will be looking for athletes from here.”

Diaz is an MP United Football Club member who was coached by Sunjoon Tenorio and Johann Noetzel.

Diaz has been part of MPU teams that won the championships in the U12, U15, U16 and U17 divisions.

Published by Marianas Variety - Feb 17, 2022


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