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Guardians win first MS soccer game

Saipan Community School won its first game in the 2022-2023 NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League middle school Group A division, beating Hopwood Middle School 2, 4-0, last Thursday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

The Guardians had possession of the ball but were not able to score as they weaved and bobbed through the Hilitais defenders in the early goings. The first goal of the game wasn’t made until David Ye found the back of the net in the 26th minute of the second half.

The Hilitais tried as they might to score, but couldn’t get through the Guardians as they guarded the goal with each try and kick from their attackers.

SCS’ Richard Zhou scored a goal 35 minutes into the game for a 2-0 lead for the Guardians. HMS went on quietly in the game as David Ma’ase De Oro scooped up two more goals for the Guardians, for the final score of 4-0.

The Guardians include Jin Choi, David Ma’ase De Oro, Soo Ho Jin, Daniel Malus, RayPatrick Mcdonald, Jose Sablan, Landon Springer, David Ye, and Richard Zhou.

The Hilitais team 1 includes Mihhran Ahmed, Caleb Cabrera, Jose Canoy, Krisyan Enguerra, Twayne Kapwich, Thomas Lanzo, Alvin Lazar, K-Tu Louis, Arnelio Pingol, Christopher Sablan, Steven Tudela, Rafael Viesca, and David Xiao.

With this win, SCS Guardians is at 1-0 and HMS 2 is at 0-2.

TMS-1, 5, FMS 0 Tanapag Middle School 1 defeated Francisco M. Sablan Middle School, 5-0, in the final game of the day in the Group B division.

The Tatagas and the Napu Riders duked it out on the field a long time before someone scored a goal.

Twenty minutes into the game, Javen Camacho of TMS made a shot for the goal and landed it. A couple of minutes later, Cris Albero followed suit to gain a 2-0 lead over FMS.

FMS tried to retaliate by handling the ball but they made it just short of the net with each kick.

Their defense crumbled with the Tatagas plowing through the field, with their goalie unable to block another goal scored in the second half by Camacho. Camacho went on to score one more goal and followed by one more from his teammate, to secure the win for the Tatagas, 5-0.

With this win, TMS is up 1-0 in the standings and FMS is 1-1.

Results of yesterday’s middle school soccer matches will be posted in the next editions of Saipan Tribune.

The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association coordinates the 2022-2023 NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League along with the Public School System Athletic Program.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Sep 28 2022


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