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Fall youth league season called off

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association has cancelled the 2021 NMIFA Youth Fall League as safety precaution against the COVID-19 cases in the community.

“After some careful consideration, we regret to inform you that the NMIFA Youth Subcommittee has decided to formally cancel the NMIFA 2021 Fall Youth League. It is unfortunate, but the safety of our children remains the top priority of our association,” the NMIFA said in an official statement.

Initially, the league suspended games in the fall season after the Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force announced the presence of COVID-19 cases in the community late last month. Following the announcement, schools went back to virtual classes and until now the Public School System has yet to have face-to-face sessions, while some private schools resumed theirs. The NMIFA, on the other hand, last played matches in the U6, U8, U10, U12, and U15 divisions of the youth league last Oct. 23 before making the final decision to scrap the season.

With the unexpected cancelation of the fall competition, the NMIFA said it is considering hosting a tournament next month if the conditions will allow.

Before calling off the season, the 2021 NMIFA Youth Fall League was able to hold games for five weekends. In the co-ed U12 competition, Paire was unbeaten in four games to lead the seven-team field. MP United Pink had a 3-1-1 win-draw-loss record for second place and was followed by MP United Blue (2-1-1), Kanoa-1 (2-0-2), Matansa (2-0-2), TanHoldings (1-0-3), and Kanoa-2 (0-0-5).

In the girls division, TanHoldings was also unscathed with its 5-0-0 mark for the top spot, ahead of Southern United (4-0-1), Kanoa (3-0-2), MP United (2-0-3), Paire (1-0-4), and Shirley’s (0-0-5). TanHoldings led in the boys U15 division too with its perfect 5-0-0, and was followed by MP United (4-0-1), Kanoa (3-0-2), Matansa (2-0-3), Paire (1-0-4), and Shirley’s (0-0-5).

With the 2021 NMIFA Youth Fall League now canceled, the association is left with the Marianas Soccer League Fall Season 2021 and the Dove Women’s Fall League 2021. The two competitions were suspended last Oct. 23 and 24 before the MSL (MSL Cup and Hafa Adai Cup) resumed last No. 4 and the Dove games returned to the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville last Wednesday.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Nov 23 2021


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