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Eleven Tiger, Tan Holdings crush foes

Eleven Tiger and Tan Holdings hammered their respective opponents in Division A of the Marianas Soccer League Spring Season 2022 last Sunday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Kobleville.

In the curtainraiser in the division, Eleven Tiger routed Kanoa Football Club, 2-1, while in the second match, Tan Holdings whipped Paire Football Club, 10-1.

Martin Jambor anchored Tan Holdings’ demolition of Paire after scoring four goals. Five other Tan Holdings players hit the board for the team’s strong start this season. Kohtaro Goto added twin goals, while Rakib Hassan, Michiteru Mira, Jersh Angeles, and Andrew Chung made one apiece. Whit Altizer nailed the lone goal for Paire, which failed to have a follow up to its season debu win over Kanoa.

Kanoa, on the other hand, suffered its second setback in as many games, no thanks to Tanapon Unsa, who registered four goals in Eleven Tiger’s easy victory. Alan Hinson, Mareko Tekopua, and Richard Steele chipped in one apiece, while Kanoa’s lone goal was courtesy of Andruw Omelau.

Meanwhile, Division B games were also played last Sunday with Old B Bank and Hana FC nosing out their respective foes.

Kosuke Sato scored the game winner in Old B Bank’s 1-0 triumph over Bangladesh FC, while Zhi Peng Lin lifted Hana FC to a similar 1-0 victory versus Chang Bai FC.

Hana FC gained its second win in as many games for the early lead in Group A of Division B.

In Group B, Matansa notched its first victory of the season after outclassing Shirley’s FC last weekend. Garett Weaver knocked in a pair of goals for Matansa, which got its two other goals from Maui Johnson and Houtom Cuohua. Dhiraj Chhetri and Jerry Tan made one goal apiece for Shirley’s, which has yet to break into the win column after two tries.

Back to a Group A match, Saipan United and the NMI Women’s Developmental Team engaged in a draw, 3-3. Kuu Nishimura recorded two goals for Saipan United, while Chong Koo Gil added one. Tamia Hix, Kaithlyn Chavez, and Sophia Quintos scored for the NMI Women’s Developmental Team.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Apr 29 2022


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