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Eagles, Canaries reach playoffs in ES soccer

Grace Christian Academy and San Vicente Elementary School 1 both reached the playoffs of the 2022-2023 NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League after they beat their respective opponents last Monday at the NMI Soccer Training Center in Koblerville.

The Eagles beat William S. Reyes 1, 5-1 in Group A of the elementary school division right after the Canaries beat Gregorio T. Camacho Elementary School, 13-0 in Group B.

The Eagles secured their spot in the postseason, along with group winner Koblerville Elementary School 1, while the Canaries secured their spot along with Garapan Elementary School 1.

GCA and SVES 1’s record are both at 4-1. GES 1 is undefeated with five wins and KES 1 has four wins, one draw, and no loss.

In the Eagles-Kingfishers game, the Kingfishers’ Marq Hernandez drew first blood after scoring a goal eight minutes into the first half, but that was the extent of the team’s run as they were silenced the rest of the game.

When the Eagles grabbed a hold of the ball, they soared their way through the field, kicking and passing the ball as Princess Sariol scored the first goal for the Eagles 15 minutes in.

Teammate Mateo Angeles bagged a goal for himself a couple of minutes after, followed by Juan Magboo and Mikhaela Kim. Sariol found the back of the net once again to score two goals in the game.

The Kingfishers were left hanging in the air as they were not able to ring the bell again, with the final score of 5-1.

Aside from Sariol, Angeles, Kim, and Magboo, Aaleyah Fatialatu, Allen Gil, Sarang Lee, Richard Li, Joseph Nelson, Cody Paul, Christopher Seidler, Pedro Taitano, and Tristan Torres also make up the GCA team

In the Canaries versus GTC game, the Canaries shut down the Deers after scoring 13 goals and not giving GTC a chance to score.

Scott Pangelinan scored a goal just two minutes into the game, while Jude Rayphand was unstoppable and stole the show with his seven goals. Joaquin Torres made one goal and Pangelinan put up two more goals for the team and silenced the Deers, 13-0.

GES-1, 5, SIS 2 Garapan Elementary School 1 continued their winning streak after defeating Saipan International School, 5-2, to secure the top spot in Group B.

With this win, they will advance to the playoffs alongside SVES 1 in their division.

GES 1 showed they were the superior Mallards team as only a couple of minutes into the game, Kanoa Owens made a shot for the goal and scored. In the game, he had three goals for the team, with Dray Duenas and Rocky Reyes scoring one goal apiece.

The two goals from the Geckos were both made by Quido Jambor.

The Geckos are currently ranked third in Group B with two wins, one draw, and two losses.

KES-1 3, GES-2 3 Koblerville Elementary School 1 ended the game with a draw against Garapan Elementary School 2, 3-3.

Even with this draw, the Umangs secured their spot as the Group A leader with 4 wins, one draw, and no loss.

Napu Pangelinan collected two goals for the Umangs and Eric Palacios Jr. had one. The three goals from the Mallards were made by Rasal Raj.

GES 2’s record is one win, one draw, and three losses.

OES 9, SCS 0 Oleai Elementary School conquered the field as they shut down Saipan Community School, 9-0.

The Turtles won their first game as they gained traction on the field, scoring a goal in the first three minutes of the game.

The momentum carried on as they continued their hold of the ball and scored three more goals in the first half and scored five goals in the second half. Zian Lavarias scored three of the goals, while Marvic Javaluyas scored two.

OES’ record is one win and four losses, while SCS has yet to win with five losses. Both are in Group B.

MCS-1 3, MCS-2 2 It was a battle of the Knights as Mount Carmel School 1 took on sister team MCS 2 and defeated them, 3-2.

Logan Propst found the ball early and scored a goal only one minute into the game for MCS 1. Miana Dela Cruz and Zion Ulloa scored the two other goals.

Franco Tudela was the only one who could find the back of the net for MCS w as he scored the only two goals for his team.

With the win, MCS 1 has two wins and three losses and MCS 2 has no wins with five losses. Both are in Group A. The elementary school Group C has yet to determine which teams will make it to the playoffs.

The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association coordinates the 2022-2023 NMIFA-PSS Interscholastic Soccer League along with the Public School System Athletic Program.

Published by Saipan Tribune - Sep 29 2022


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