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Bangladesh Youth, The One triumph in Hafa Adai Fun Cup

BANGLADESH Youth and The One Football Club bested their respective adversaries in the Hafa Adai Fun Cup Fall 2021 Friday at the NMI Soccer Training Center.

Bangladesh Youth had a tough match against the NMI Women's National Team but managed to hold their ground long enough to bag a 2-0 victory.

Both of Bangladesh’s goals came during the first half. After eight minutes of play, Bangladesh was able to break through NMI WNT's line of defense with Shakib Shakib delivering the opening goal to give his team the lead 1-0.

NMI WNT reinforced their defenses, but Bangladesh Youth's persistency paid off once again as they quickly moved the ball through the cracks of NMI WNT's wall, setting up Mohammad Hossain for the finish for a 2-0 advantage.

NMI WNT tried to get back in the game in the second half but they had their hands full with Bangladesh Youth's continuous attacks. Neither team managed to score, and NMI WNT had to settle for defeat, 0-2.

The One vs Matansa

The One Football Club joined the winner's circle by outgunning the Matansa Football Club 5-0.

It was The One's Don Cabrera who found the back of the net early in the first half to give his team a 1-0 lead after just 14 minutes of action.

Matansa did stop the bleeding for a while but left an opening again that allowed The One’s Lin Zhi to score at the 37th minute mark to extend the deficit 2-0.

Following the halftime break, The One FC returned to the field stronger than ever with Seung Lee, Zhipeng Lin and Byung Lee igniting a scoring spree at the 52nd, 55th and 58th minute marks to dispatch Matansa, 5-0.

Published by Marianas Variety - Dec 2, 2021


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