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Kanoa FC 1 hands Tan Holdings 1 first loss

KANOA Football Club 1 broke the perfect record of Tan Holdings Football Club handing them their first loss, 4-2 in the 2018 Spring Youth League U13A Coed Division held last Saturday at the Hopwood Middle School soccer field.

Kanoa FC 1 quickly set up an aggressive tempo right from the start as Jim Kurt Maniago made the first strike in the 11th minute for the lead. Tan Holdings FC 1 managed to hold down Kanoa FC 1 for most of the first half but was unable to cook up a comeback as they were forced to stay on the defensive.

However, before the end of the half, Kanoa FC 1’s Leland Deleon Guerrero went for one final push sneaking in a shot at the 23rd minute to spread the gap 2-0. Tan Holdings FC 1 retaliated during the second half as they found their footing a minute in made by Mark Roque to stay in the fight. Roque continued to deliver adding his second goal at the 32nd mark but their efforts were quickly shot down as Andrew Sablan answered back a few minutes later to maintain the safe distance while DLG added the finishing touch at the 52nd minute to take the win 4-2.

MP United Football Club still lingers at second place as they left Kanoa FC 2 scoreless 13-0.

MP United fired at will as they drained the opening goal just three minutes into the game by Andrew Chung. Kanoa FC 2 only held them down for a brief moment as MP United carried on where they left off with three more goals before reaching halftime 4-0. MP United’s performance continued to excel throughout the second half as they brought in nine goals with Dev Bachani and Kristoffer Pascual and Richard Castro joined the run leading the team to a blowout victory 13-0. Matansa Football Club gained theirf fourth win of the season defeating Tan Holdings FC 2 5-0. Alex Megino led the pack with three goals alongside Pia Ngewakl and Chanyang Woo contributing a shot each.

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